22 March 19

Close your eyes and imagine the ideal hammock: a gentle arc slung between two supports. It looks so inviting — just lay down, kick back and let the day go by.

The first hammocks were an equatorial creation: beds stretched between tree trunks, an ingenious way to sleep above the creepy crawlies that scurry, slink and slither along the jungle floor. The idea caught on: sailors took them aboard ships, where they slung them across the belly of the boat and slept like babies. Soon, anywhere you could find well-spaced tree trunks, wooden beams, supporting posts or an archway, you could hang a hammock.

The concept of a hammock as something suspended between something at either end is so integral to the design that’s it’s nearly impossible to imagine any other format. A hammock without dual supports is like a sandwich, but without the bread.

But what if I told you this assumption has gone unquestioned long enough? What if there was another way: a way that didn’t rely on the benevolence of Mother Nature to provide two perfectly-spaced trees, or on Uncle Phil’s dubious carpentry skills to construct a post-and-beam structure that wouldn’t collapse on your garden party?

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve kept you in suspense long enough. I’d like to invite up to the stage: the LA SIESTA Hammock Chair!

As is clear from the design, the hammock chair has made some compromises — the most obvious being the body positioning. Like its name indicates, the hammock chair is made for sitting, not for lying down, and is therefore sized accordingly.

Now, you may be thinking: why should hammock enthusiasts accept such a trade-off? Isn’t it always better to lie down than to sit? Well, here are three great reasons to consider:

When you only have a single point above your head to work with

We can all think of places where a hammock would be most welcome. Perhaps there’s a large tree in your local park that creates the perfect shady spot on a sunny afternoon. Problem is, there’s only one big branch on that tree, and there are no other trees nearby. In this situation, do you:

a. walk past, wondering what might have been

b. curse the uncaring hand of fate for this cosmic injustice

c. plant a tree about seven feet away, and return in 15 years


d. loop a rope around the branch and string up your hammock chair

If you chose D, congratulations! You’ve obviously been introduced to the wonders of the hammock chair. For those yet to be inducted into this not-so-secret club, we reiterate the prime advantage: the ability to hang from a single-point.

This benefit cannot be overstated - having the capacity to attach to one point directly above your head is advantageous in scenarios where you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. Hang it from a single point on your ceiling, on your porch, in your garden - possibilities abound.

When you only have a narrow space available

Sure, stretching out in a hammock is desirable - but it’s not always practical, especially given space constraints. Many of us city folk are particularly square-footage-starved, living in cramped quarters with barely enough room to swing a cat, let alone lay fully-extended in hammock. When you just don’t have 8-12 feet of real estate to devote to pursuing your horizontal passion, but aren’t ready to concede defeat, then check out the LA SIESTA Hammock Chair.

At 3 ft 5 in wide, the Sonrisa model provides a genuine hammock sensation in a slimmed-down package that will fit in the tightest spots. If you’ve got a bit more room to work with, then it’s worth broadening your search to include models like the Havana Lounger. With a span of 4 ft 7 in, it’s got more than enough room for kicking back and relaxing. Overall, in situations where width is a consideration, the hammock chair wins hands-down.

When you’d simply rather sit than lie down

A matter of personal preference, this needs no explanation. Sometimes you’d just rather sit, maintain a semblance of verticality while giving your legs a break. Besides, it’s near-on physiologically impossible to drink a cold beverage while fully reclining.

So there you have it folks - when there’s only a single point above your head, when you have a limited amount of space, or when you’re in the mood to sit, there’s nothing better than a hammock chair.


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