22 March 19

Everybody has their own way of coping up with stress. Some would spend a day-off and travel, others would eat out with friends, while some would go out and watch a movie. Also, drinking a glass of wine while watching your favorite movie on Netflix is another great way to rest and relax after a hard day from work.

How Hammocks Can Help People Deal with Mental Health Issues

The bottom line is, when feeling stressed, everyone just wants to do things that would help them to unwind.

Now think about this, how about lying comfortably on your hammock while drinking a glass of wine and enjoying a great movie? Wouldn’t that be the perfect way to release some stress?

As a child, we’ve always enjoyed hanging out on our hammocks and the same feeling stays even as we get older. What makes this activity so relaxing? Probably because when we are lying on a hammock, we are reminded of how our mothers would gently rock us to sleep when we were a baby. I believe that is one reason why hammocks would help us in dealing with stress and other similar mental condition.


The Vestibular System

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You may be wondering how lying or sitting in a hammock can help in lowering your stress levels. The answer lies in our ‘Vestibular System’. The Vestibular system or otherwise known as a person’s sense of balance helps one to determine spatial orientation and keep our movements coordinated. The vestibular system consists of semicircular canals and otoliths in your inner ears, which work along with our vision and hearing systems to help us with spatial orientation.


What happens to our body when we are lying or sitting on a hammock?

The otoliths in your ear are made up of tiny particles, and these are generally responsible for your balance, movement, and sense of gravity. Here’s a simple explanation of how the swinging of a hammock can help you with stress relief. First, the head movement stimulates your hair cells through inertia. This, in turn, facilitates communication with your central nervous system to signal movement. Moreover, the vestibular system is responsible for giving us that surge of adrenaline or that woozy feeling that we get when we are on a roller coaster. But on other times, it gives us that soothing effect which helps us to relax and become less tense. That’s why it’s easier and quicker for us to sleep in a hammock than on a bed. Various studies support this. In fact, it has been reported by many that the sleep they get during a night in a hammock is the most refreshing type of sleep that they’ve ever had. This is why hammocks are a great choice for people who struggle with sleep or those with insomnia.

Ever wonder how a baby falls asleep more easily when they are being rocked gently? Well, the same logic can be used to explain why a hammock can do the same for you. In short, the vestibular system is able to calm the activity in your brain, which is why you’re able to relax and sleep better. 


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