22 March 19

What do hammocks have to do with productivity, you might ask?

Every week I take time out of my busy schedule to slow down and read non-fiction for a couple of hours.

A few days ago I finished reading a good book called "Master Life Faster" by Paul Lem. One snippet was particularly insightful:

"A Japanese study showed that a student group that napped for 20 minutes between work sessions were sharper, less fatigued, and performed better than a group that rested in a chair for the same time."

Now, who would a thunk that smart siestas are productivity enhancers?

Well, it will come as no surprise that we are huge believers in the "mid-day siesta". Although it might sound insane at first, we consider Hammocks in the office a productivity tool. A healthy, rested mind is a productive mind...

Let's face it, we all have time chunks in our day where we aren't particularly productive and laying in a Hammock for even 20 minutes is a recipe to break through that wall. Companies like Google understand this (they have hammocks in most of their offices) - the mainstream just hasn't caught up yet.


Posted in Hammock Universe by Camron Sabour