22 March 19

Hammocks have been on a huge “upswing” over the past few years, and for a good reason! Besides being comfortable, hammocks provide a multitude of health and practical benefits for those who use them. These benefits are listed in the following infographic by AphidWear with original artwork by The Ultimate Hang!

Hammocks can reduce stress and muscle aches; they can even make you more adventurous! 

Benefits of hammocks

OPTIMAL BLOOD CIRCULATION - A hammock will elevate the upper body and allow for better blood circulation to the head. this will also avoid obstructed breathing and congestion.

BETTER SLEEP -  A better sleep means a better quality and longevity of life. Hammocks provide zero pressure points to the body as it it completely suspended. Giving you a better sleep.

STRESS REDUCTION - Just relax! Hammocks help you relax faster and better, reducing unnatural stress level from the body.

HELPS MUSCLE ACHES - Most of active human consciousness is spent damaging our bodies. Hammocks force your body to relax while treating backaches (vertebrae alignment) and joint aches (zero pressure points).

IMPROVE FOCUS - The easy swaying of a hammock triggers the prefrontal focus to your mental state. They have been directly tied to the alleviation of ADD.


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