22 March 19

For hammock enthusiasts with children, the desire to expose your child to a hammock at an early age is a great one. After all, hammocking is not only one of your favourite pastimes – it also has the possibility of enhancing your child’s life. With a hammock, your child can play games with their friends, enjoy nature or simply relax at the end of a long day as you do. Fortunately, LA SIESTA makes three wonderful hammocks specifically built for children that are sure to get your child excited about the pastime.

Hammocks for children
Built in a traditional hammock style, LA SIESTA’s children’s hammock is sure to draw your young ones. To begin with, this hammock bears a vibrant appearance that your child is sure to love right away. Its exterior displays every colour of the rainbow, giving it a playful demeanour that any kid can take to with enthusiasm. The hammock itself is made of pure cotton, making for a comfortable exterior that your child won’t ever want to leave. It is nearly seven feet long, giving your child plenty of space to stretch their limbs. With fabric that is woven all the way up to the suspension cords, they will be quite safe in the hammock. And with its reinforced edges, the hammock can definitely be described as “kid-proof.”

Hammock Chairs for children
As far as having enough room to relax, LA SIESTA’s Hammock Chair For Children more than meets the mark. With a spreader bar over five feet long, this hammock chair hangs broadly, making for a spacious chair to hang in and enjoy. This chair comes in two different styles – IRI style, which is similar to that of the child’s hammock, and LORI style, which sports a deeper seat. Like the child’s hammock, both hammock chair styles sport woven cotton that extends all the way up to the chair’s extension points. Also, when your child sits in the hammock chair, the rocking motions stimulate a sense of balance, which strengthens their sense of concentration. Overall, this hammock chair is a comfortable seat, a concentration too, and a great way for your child to relax.

Hanging Nest
LA SIESTA’s Hanging Nest makes it easy for you to be picky about how your child gets away from the world. Not only does the Hanging Nest come in many different vibrant colours, it also has 10 different styles to choose from, giving you full control over the look and feel of your child’s getaway. The product itself comes with a comfortable cushion for your child to snuggle on while enjoying a brief escape. The nest also hangs down at least six feet and seven inches from the ceiling, making it a perfectly safe option for your child to be able to swing in all directions while experiencing the comfort of being alone.

As you can see, LA SIESTA offers excellent options for getting your children hooked on hammocks. All you have to do is invest in one and watch them take to it!


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