Double Classic Hammock Carolina Spring

Cotton Double Classic Hammock

With its unique Colombian weave and intricate colour pattern, the Carolina guarantees your relaxation time will be something special. Designed with a multitude of handwoven suspension cords for optimum comfort.

Double hammock

Traditional cloth hammock for 1-2 people. Tip: it’s most comfortable when lying diagonally - giving your back the best possible support and opening the hammock with your body.

Pure Cotton

High-quality cotton with long fibres: soft to the touch, lint-free, durable, and easy to clean.

Traditional handmade plaits

The traditional plaits on hammocks from Colombia are considered a special quality feature. They are called Cadejos. Combined with a multitude of suspension cords they provide an optimum weight distribution, making the hammock extremely comfortable to lie in and improving its durability at the same time.

Tearproof selvage

By doubling the weft threads, the selvage is reinforced, making it exceptionally tearproof.

Handcrafted in Colombia

Traditional Colombian hammock craft meets modern, artistic weaving with unique details like hand-woven suspension cords, or "Cadejos".

Better Weight Distribution

True measure of excellence: the quality of a classic hammock is measured by the number of suspension cords—the more cords it has, the more comfortable it is. LA SIESTA’s Multicord design guarantees optimal weight distribution and unparalleled comfort.

Product specifications:

  • Minimum distance required for hanging: 310 cm
  • Maximum weight: 160 kg
  • Material: 100% cotton | suspension: 50% cotton, 50% polyester

Keep dry during winter

We recommend cleaning and thoroughly drying the hammock before the winter season. After it is completely dried, store the hammock in plastic to protect from vermin.

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