Double Spreader Bar Hammock Colada Kiwi

Double-stick outdoor hammock

A summer dream in pastel colours: enjoy the best summer moments in two thanks to the spacious surface of the hammock. Made of weather-resistant material, ideal for the garden.

Double Hammock

Spreading rods open the lying surface comfortable for 1-2 persons. Tip: always hang rod hammocks taut!

Weatherproof fabric

Our functional fibre was specially developed for the special requirements of outdoor hammocks. It is easy to care for, quick drying and weather resistant.

Tear-resistant selvage

By doubling the weft threads, the selvages are reinforced and therefore particularly tear-resistant.

Many suspension cords

The number of suspension cords contributes to comfort and longevity. The more there are, the more evenly distributed the weight - for a feeling of weightlessness!

Handmade in Colombia

As colourful as the land, the cultural heritage hammock reflects the diversity and joie de vivre of Colombia.

Product specifications:

  • Minimum distance required for hanging: 350 cm
  • Maximum weight: 160 kg
  • Material: 100% polypropylene | spreader bar: bamboo (FSC™ certified)

Keep dry during winter

We recommend that you clean the hammock before the winter break. Once completely dried, it can be packaged in plastic for protection from vermin.

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