Accessory for Hammocks & Hammock Chairs Bug Net

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360° Protection Mosquito Net

Enjoy your time in nature without worrying about mosquitos and insect bites. Spacious, airy and easy to set up, this bug net features a double zipper for comfortable access. 

Bug-Free Hammock Experience

The BugNet guarantees an undisturbed outdoor hammock experience. Can be used in all hammocks without a spreader bar up to a length of 350 cm. 

Ultimate Protection

The BugNet features special narrow-meshed netting that provides optimal protection against insects while still allowing you to feel the fresh outdoor air.

Easy Set-Up

The BugNet is quick and easy to setup around your hammock. 

Product specifications:

  • Total length: ≈ 300 cm
  • Total height: ≈ 100 cm
  • Material description: 100% polyester

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