Kingsize Classic Hammock Brisa Marine

Weather-Resistant Kingsize Classic Hammock

The stress-free choice for easy, breezy backyard relaxation. From vibrant and colourful to neutral and elegant - there’s a perfect Brisa for every home.

Classic Kingsize Hammock

Traditional South American hammock for one or more persons with a seating width of 180 cm in - great for families! For a perfect hammock experience, we recommend a diagonal lying position - this creates more surface area (i.e. comfort) by allowing your body to “spread out” and open the cloth surface.

Weatherproof Fabric

Our unique, weather-resistant material was specially developed for the requirements of outdoor hammocks. It’s easy to maintain, quick-drying, colourfast and resistant to mould and mildew damage.

Tearproof Edges

Incredibly durable weaving safeguards against common damage to the fabric. Reinforced selvages with double weft threads are particularly tearproof, helping to ensure years of blissful relaxation. 

Plenty of Suspension Cords

The number of suspension cords is directly related to the overall comfort and durability of a hammock. The more there are, the more evenly your weight is distributed - creating a feeling of weightlessness!

Handmade in Colombia

A centuries-old design with a modern twist: we believe in improving hammocks, not culturally appropriating them. Hammocks are a cultural asset that reflect the spirit and diversity of Colombia - and we aim to keep it that way.

Product specifications:

  • Minimum distance required for hanging: 360 cm
  • Maximum weight: 200 kg
  • Material: 100% polypropylene

Keep dry during winter

We recommend cleaning and thoroughly drying the hammock before the winter season. After it is completely dried, store the hammock in plastic to protect from vermin.

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