About Us

Our passion is to bring people closer to the hammock side of life. To experience the joy, relaxation, and well being that comes with laying in a hammock, even if for only 5 minutes a day. As a modern family business and a leading provider of hammocks and hanging chairs, we are committed to this vision, and to ethical and sustainable business practices, every single day

Our Team

Once you experience the hammock life, you’ll never go back. From our locations in Jugenheim, Germany to Miami, Florida, all of our employees share this enthusiasm. Together we want to give our customers an incomparable hammock experience.

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Environmental & Social Responsibility

We have a vision for a better world. As a family business, we care about people, nature and the impact of our actions. These values influence everything we do. We believe in the future.

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Our History

Almost 30 years ago our founders started to share the hammock life, culture and joie de vivre of Latin America with the world, sparking our mission to spread love and relaxation.

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