Accessory for Hammocks & Hammock Chairs ClassicFly

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Sun & Rain Tarp

The ClassicFly sun cover and rain fly is made of high-quality ripstop fabric, offering unparalleled protection for you and your hammock. 

Sun & Rain Cover for Hammocks

LA SIESTA’s ClassicFly ensures you are prepared for any situation. Whether you need to escape a rain shower or take a break from those relentless sunny rays – the classic fly guarantees hours of undisturbed relaxation. Suitable for all hammock types.

Ripstop Fabric Technology

Ripstop fabric is designed using a sophisticated technique in which thicker threads are woven into the warp and weft at regular intervals creating a perfect box structure that is sturdy and tearproof.

Easy Mounting

The ClassicFly can be quickly and easily set-up over your hammock for an instant escape from rain or sun.


Need a shady place to relax? LA SIESTA’s fly cover can withstand hours of direct sun exposure without being damaged – so let the ClassicFly take the heat.


Rain? No problem! Thanks to the ClassicFly’s polyurethane coating, water and dirt simply roll off the surface.

Product specifications:

  • Total length: 400 cm
  • Total height: 150 cm
  • Material description: 100% polyester

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