CasaMount For Hammocks

Multipurpose Suspension for Hammocks

The ultimate suspension kit for hammocks: CasaMount is the universal solution for hanging any hammock from any kind of wall or ceiling - indoors or outdoors. Uncomplicated and easy to install, the patented design features optional angled screw guidance for use on drywall studs - the only hammock suspension of its kind!

Multipurpose Suspension For Any Kind of Hammock

Hanging a hammock has never been easier. With the CasaMount, any type of hammock can be attached to any kind of wall or ceiling. Safety tested and durable, the unique design features angled screw guidance for use on drywall studs - a true innovation, making it the only suspension of its kind on the market.

Weatherproof & UV-Resistant

LA SIESTA suspension systems are built to last. Tough and durable, they’re designed to withstand the elements and hold up to the harsh demands of outdoor environments.

Patented MultiSpot

The improved MultiSpot, developed by LA SIESTA and made in Germany, works with any kind of ceiling - concrete, wood, and even drywall studs & joists - ensuring quick and easy installation.

Versatile & Easy

The new MultiSpot mount offers you total flexibility. Easily installed on any kind of wall or ceiling - including drywall studs & joists - MultiSpot allows you to attach and remove your hammock in a matter of seconds.

Product specifications:

  • Maximum capacity: 20 kg
  • Rope: 2 x 300 cm | Ø 7 mm
  • Material: Hook: Polyamide (glass fiber reinforced) | Rope: 100% polyester

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