TreeMount For Hammock Chairs

Multipurpose Suspension for Hammock Chairs and Hanging Nests

Our patented, tree-friendly suspension kit allows you to quickly, easily and securely install your hanging chair from trees, beams and posts. Thanks to the SmartHook, the height and length can be easily adjusted without any knots.

Hanging Your Chair From Trees or Beams

The TreeMount for hanging chairs is specifically designed to attach your hammock chair to trees, round beams or posts in a few simple and safe steps.

Extra Wide Strap

The 40 mm wide tree strap is sturdy, safe, and easy to use - plus it also protects the tree bark by preventing damage from hanging and swinging. 

Weatherproof & UV-Resistant

LA SIESTA suspension systems are built to last. Tough and durable, they’re designed to withstand the elements and hold up to the harsh demands of outdoor environments.

Patented SmartHook

Thanks to the unique, patented SmartHook made of fibreglass-reinforced polyamide the height of your hammock can be quickly and easily adjusted - without tying any knots!

Ultra Strong + Intelligent Design

The patented SmartHook hook makes adjusting your hammock easy and stress-free. The SmartHook is particularly durable and weatherproof thanks to fibreglass glass reinforcement.

Product specifications:

  • Rope length: 300 cm | Ø 7 mm
  • Maximum weight: 160 kg
  • Material: hook: polyamide (glass fiber reinforced) | TreeStrap & rope: 100% polyester

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